Each year, a limited number of Honorary Associate and Fellowship Diplomas may be awarded to acknowledge the achievements of individuals who work in the areas of Christian music teaching, music ministry, and the music industry.

A.Mus.Min. (Hon.)

Honorary Associate in Music Ministry Diplomas may be awarded to teachers who have significantly supported the CCMC examination system and whose students have consistently achieved high marks. Teachers need not apply for such awards as CCMC will annually monitor teacher records and student results.


Honorary Fellowship in Music Ministry Diplomas may be awarded annually to prominent Christian musicians and music industry professionals. A Christian musician who, in the opinion of Christian Conservatory of Music, Canada, has made a significant contribution to any one of the following areas may be awarded the F.Mus.Min.(Hon.) diploma.

  1. Christian Music Education
  2. Christian Praise and Worship Ministry
  3. Christian Music Industry – Songwriter, arranger, performer, recording artist, producer, recording engineer, promoter, events’ coordinator.

A.Mus.Min. (Hon.) and F.Mus.Min.(Hon.) diplomas will be awarded annually.